Jodi Whitlock

Production Manager

Jodi honed her skills in the special event industry from 1997 to 2004 managing roaming talent and comedy troupes at Navy Pier, the Midwest's most popular tourist attraction. In addition to her work at Navy Pier, Jodi has done project work for Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) since 1995 contributing her steady brand of on-site event management to CEI's interactive and team events.

Jodi joined the CEI team full time in the fall of 2004 where she successfully managed staffing requirements for Ameriquest's "Win Free House Payments for a Year" mall promotion (through Passage Events) and reservation services for the Rotary Host Organization events for their 2005 Convention.

As a production manager for CEI, Jodi is in charge of ensuring that events and promotions are run successfully and that all of the clients' objectives are accomplished.