Engage your guests in Pict-O-Gram, a game of quick thinking and creativity where the audience deciphers a combination of drawings that form a phrase.

The stage is set with large white boards and team buzzers at each table. Pairs of guests are selected by the emcee to be artists and communicate their portion of the Pict-O-Gram to the audience. As the artists work and the phrase becomes apparent, teams buzz their indicator light to make their guess.

In the audience, guests are set at separate tables to form teams, each with a buzzer to the lockout light system. Artists, selected from different teams in the audience, step up to the stage and are secretly given their portion of the Pict-O-Gram to draw. Teams in the audience try to guess the correct phrase and hit their buzzer when ready to guess. Correct guesses add to a team's score, while incorrect guesses deduct from its score. The team with the most points at the end of the contest wins.

"They had some great laughs and the CFO was involved, they were able to reference the show during their programs the next day. "

– Kuoni Destination Management