You Can Dance

Find your company's secret Fred Astaire or aspiring Ginger Rodgers! We pair our professional dancers with members of your company and the newly formed couples go "toe to toe" in our heated dance competition. Pairs learn dances prior to the "show" and then "strut their stuff" for their co-workers and our judges. Judges' scores and audience applause (or votes via an Audience Reply System) decide the winner of the contest determining which of your talented VIP's will win the coveted "Twinkle Toes" award.

After the winner(s) has been chosen our dancers encourage (and join) all guests to get on the dance floor and "shake their tail feather" to the sounds of some great dance music!

To add to the excitement we can provide two Dance Dance Revolution games for before or after the "You Can Dance" competition so everyone can join in on the fun!

"The event was planned for us! We simply show up and the details are taken care of."

– Piper Rudnick