Tamra Drees

Production Coordinator

Tamra Drees Tamra Drees joined the CAM/CEI Team in 2019 as Production Coordinator. Prior to joining CAM/CEI, Tamra worked for 21 years at the Chicago Bar Association (CBA). For five years she was their Public Affairs Director, serving as media liaison and speechwriter, and working directly with CBA Board leadership and the Executive Director to craft and disseminate association messaging. Over the last 16 years, Tamra served as the Events Coordinator and managed more than 100 events, including luncheons, awards ceremonies, receptions and international and local educational seminars, many featuring prominent legal and judicial figures. Prior to working at the Chicago Bar Association, Tamra was Managing Director of the Organic Theater Company. Along with more than 25 years’ event management experience, Tamra brings impeccable organizational and interpersonal skills.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Tamra is an active volunteer in her community, coordinating special events for her neighborhood civic group, local political organization and her children’s school. Tamra received a Bachelor of Science in Speech from Northwestern University.