iQuest University - Remote or In-Person Adventure

Program Overview

iQuest University is an innovative welcome experience for students -- remote or in person. Promote engagement, collaboration, and community as students embark on this fun, technology-driven adventure hunt that sparks enthusiasm for their University as they get to know the campus and each other.

Students meet up via live video stream (such as Zoom) or small in-person groups, download the game code onto their persona; devices, and prepare to take part in a lively competition as they explore the campus together.

 Armed with our app as their tour guide, teams visit hotspots embedded on a digital or GPS map of the campus. They learn interesting facts about the most popular locations, engage in special school traditions, answer custom trivia questions, and capture photos and videos -- all while earning points and building new relationships!

iQuest University provides the perfect orientation to educate students and faculty about campus services and policies and to generate excitement. From the dining hall and dorms to the quad and library, this immersive experience sparks enthusiasm for the upcoming year!

At the conclusion of the iQuest, students reconnect to share stories and view photos from their adventure while awaiting the announcement of Top Team Questers!

Sample Challenges May Include

  • Trivia: Where on campus can you find a statue of the school mascot? What is the tradition that attracts more than 500 students and lasts all night?
  • Video: Capture a video of your team singing your school's fight song.
  • Photo: Snap a photo of your team showing team spirit.
  • Visual: Which of these four buildings is the oldest on campus? 

Event Length

30-90 minutes

Program Includes

iQuest Coordinator (Remote)
Professional Emcee (Remote)
Game Master (Remote)
Production Assistant(s) (Remote)
Program Design and Production
iQuest App with Custom Information
Variety of Trivia Questions, Riddles and Visual Puzzles
Remote Photo and Video Challenges
Real-time Communication from Game Master
Live Leaderboard
Virtual Certificate for Winning Team
Team Photo and Video Download

Client Responsibilities

This program includes only the items specified above. Client is responsible for providing the following items to produce the program at no extra charge.
  • Access to the event space, depending on the activity, from 1 to 4-hours prior to the arrival of participants for the program
  • Sound system with a wireless handheld microphone (unless included in program)
  • Company or event logo for printed materials (if included in program)
  • List of team members prior to the start of the event (if teams are pre-assigned)
  • Custom client related information (if required for program)
  • Tables, chairs, linens and staging from the event site (as required for program)
  • Access to electric (if required for program)
  • Staff travel and equipment shipping fees (if program is outside Chicagoland area)