Sal Capone's Speakeasy

Welcome to Sal's Speakeasy! Your guests can enjoy all kinds of entertainment during dinner presented by da wiseguys and gals. But I can't let you'z in 'less ya know da secret password. Den da fun begins! Chat wit' all da top notch guys 'n dolls - Sal Capone is da owner of da club. It's da best club in town, ya know? Also joining the fun is Vito Calamari (Sal's side kick), Sal's gal Bubbles LaRue and the infamous magician Eight Fingers Cavatelli.

Every night Bubbles has a Charleston contest, supposin' ya ought to give it a shake! Frankie Knit, a real ladies' man, will show you how to shimmy 'n shake and move yer feet.  Keep yer nose clean around Frankie though. He's a hit man and knows how ta get what he wants from a guy - he's no pussycat! Most guyz come back all messed up and black 'n blue - if dey come back at all!

Sometimes word gets to da cops about all 'dis fun (ya never know who ya can trust) and dey raid us. Usually dey gives everybody in the joint a sobriety test and if ya pass ya can stay. No big deal.

Stay all night if ya want! Bugsy Tunes plays piano 'til the wee hours. If yer lucky, Trixie Trueheart might get on stage and sing a song about you'z or maybe Eight Fingers will show off his magic tricks. Each night is a different treat. Where else in town can ya get all dis and spirits to warm your soul?

If you'z want, a custom skit or song can be incorporated with select audience members joining da spotlight.