Challenge Course

Would you trust a colleague to lead you on a path while blindfolded? Would you turn to that same colleague for help in a difficult and challenging situation? Does your department have a "can-do" attitude? The Challenge Course, an experiential learning activity, provides insight into these and other business-related issues.

Designed to promote teamwork, interpersonal relationships, communication skills and physical awareness, the Challenge Course takes individual groups through a series of thought-provoking initiatives.

Participants are divided into small groups of approximately ten people. At each station, our facilitator presents the group with an initiative or task that requires the creative, mental and physical problem-solving abilities of the entire group to accomplish. By working as a team, the group develops and executes a strategy to best overcome the challenge before them. Striving toward a common goal provides a positive experience that participants can relate to the workplace.

At the conclusion of the program, our facilitator leads a discussion that allows participants to share their reactions and feelings. Everyone is encouraged to reflect and to link the activity to their daily life and interactions with others.