Team Development Challenge

Focus on team concepts such as leadership, role definition, conflict resolution and communication with this experiential-based activity led by our skilled facilitator(s).

Adding active participation to a traditional workshop format, our facilitator(s) takes your group on an interactive journey that addresses the key issues pivotal to your team's success. Through a variety of challenges selected for your group, your team will experience, reflect, discuss and, most importantly, apply the learning back to their workplace.

The Team Development Challenge experience begins prior to the event with a needs assessment with our lead facilitator and your program coordinator or team. The assessment helps focus the program to address major issues to be raised during the activity. Company and employee information, such as decision-making processes, business and team objectives and past training are discussed to provide our facilitator(s) a solid background on your group. The program content varies based on the information gained during this assessment. In addition, any program development time required by our lead facilitator to produce the activity is finalized at this point.

When all the content issues are discussed, and an appropriate workshop venue has been determined, our facilitator designs an interactive program that delivers on its promise of driving home the key team issues so vital to your group's success.