The Build Brothers Charity Challenge: Team Woodshop

Your team is on a mission to do good in Chicago with the help of The "Build" Brothers. Your event space is transformed into a fully functional workshop for teams to gather and build furniture or bikes for the local children's charity in need.

This hands-on project offers participants the opportunity to create their own manufacturing company, build useful items and give back to the community. Before the mission begins, teams receive a briefing and activity information containing the event overview, timing, safety do's and don'ts and materials available. Their first mission is to complete a challenge presented by The "Build" Brothers to determine which building project to work on. Teams work together and think creatively to invent a unique company name, culture, slogan and project presentation to complete the mission. All materials and supplies are provided and while the projects are challenging, professional carpentry skills are not required.

Our Head of Manufacturing (emcee), Shop Stewards (event staff) and The "Build" Brothers encourage and direct teams in their building efforts. The "Build" Brothers periodically break into a tune to further set the mood for the event. Unbeknownst to the teams, children (or a representative) from the local children's charity arrive to receive their new furniture at the end of the project!