Team Spark

There is a flurry of action in this interactive team experience directed by our high energy emcee and our friendly event staff. Teams complete a series of fun and energetic self-directed challenges to earn their culminating item required for a final task. Team Spark is a fantastic icebreaker, energizer or transition activity from seminars and presentations to a meal or social function.

Our emcee kicks off the event with an activity overview, instructions and a reminder for teams to collaborate at the end of the experience. The program includes mental challenges (Team Teasers, Visual Puzzles, Geometric Jumbles, etc.) and physical challenges (House of Cards, Connecting Channels, Tarp Flip, etc.). Once a team has successfully completed a challenge, they report to the emcee to secure their next challenge.

After all team challenges are complete the teams receive their culminating item required for the final task. While finishing all of the challenges first is great, the ultimate goal is for teams to combine their resources to accomplish the final goal.