Windy City Team Challenge

Experience the thrill of competition and the glory of victory in Chicago's very own Windy City Team Challenge. Teams travel to various Chicago "landmarks" at your event space to compete in Chicago-style challenges such as, Lake Michigan for the Rain Gutter Regatta, Wrigley Field/U.S. Cellular Field for the Great Baseball Transfer, the Sears (I mean Willis) Tower for Building To The Future and others. Specific challenges will be determined based on the group size and makeup, the size of the event space and length of the activity.

As participants arrive they receive a team assignment card highlighting a famous Chicago landmark and including a fun fact about Chicago. Once assembled, teams receive instructions regarding the activity challenges that lay ahead. Either way the goal is to win challenges and earn as much "political capital" (Mayor Emanuel bucks) as possible to determine which team has control of the city when the event is completed!