The Urban Techno-Hunt

Bring the past into the future with The Urban Techno-Hunt! Armed with a pre-loaded iPad, teams explore the area in search of historic and interesting locations and new challenges.

Our tech savvy emcee kicks off the event, priming teams for the challenge. Each team receives a team packet, iPad with appropriate apps and a digital map with hotspots to find designated locations. Then they're off, discovering the area's history with a 21st century spin. Through the wonder of modern technology, teams remain in constant communication with headquarters and receive messages updating them on team accomplishments, bonus challenges to earn extra points, and trivia questions regarding their surroundings or industry.

As the hunt winds down, teams regroup and final scores tallied. Points are awarded for correctly solving clues, creativity of photos and successfully completing bonus challenges. The team with the most points receives accolades from their peers and honor as the most tech-savvy team!