Windy City Regatta

Before the event, all sailors receive a pre-sail packet that contains information and terminology to help prepare for their upcoming challenge. On the day of the event, sailors form crews of up to six people. Each crew is assigned a professionally maintained sailboat and USCG licensed captain. The captains provide a comprehensive tutorial on operating and safety procedures. Next each crew elects a skipper, and assigns stations. Once everyone is acclimated, our captains direct the participants to the racecourse and signal the start of the event.

Once the regatta begins, the Crew is responsible for navigating the vessel through the racecourse as quickly as possible. In order to be successful, the crew needs to do more than perform individual tasks; they must combine their efforts and operate as an efficient, synchronized unit. Our captains are on-board to provide tactical and safety related expertise, but the focus and cohesion of each crew ultimately determines who wins the regatta. To the victor go the spoils!