Social Scavenger Hunt

Designed specifically to take place in a meeting room, ballroom or cocktail setting, this engaging 'hunt' features a social twist. Guests are presented with a series of entertaining challenges that encourage interaction, whether they are working in formal teams or on their own.

The hunt kicks off with a brief introduction by our emcee greeting guests and describing the event. Guests (or teams) receive a Social Scavenger Hunt List and are challenged to complete as much as possible. They photo-bomb another team, stack cups in 60-seconds, spin the game wheel for trivia questions, and other interesting tasks. Using their smart phones, guests (teams) send photos to our HQ to secure credit for their participation and effort. In addition, clues and unusual props are set about the room for guests to uncover and earn more points. Our Networking Ninjas intermingle to help generate enthusiasm and be part of the fun.

Guests have a blast networking, sharing laughs and actively engaging!