Breaking the Barriers to Success

Breaking Barriers: Channeling Your Energy to Success

There are many barriers to success - some imagined, some unknown and some quite real. For many business professionals breaking these barriers is a monumental task that can limit them from reaching their true potential.

Our lead facilitator, Mike Patterson, will challenge participants to break these barriers. In his 20+ years of working with business leaders and corporate groups, Mike strongly believes that success is linked to how much of our potential we use. Mike's passion is assisting organizations and individuals to use more of their potential. In this highly interactive workshop participants even learn (and experience!) that they can break a solid wood board karate style, even if they have doubts! 
  • A technique to overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs 
  • How to change mental, emotional and physical states instantly 
  • How to communicate with themselves and others more effectively 
  • Where the real barrier to success lies 
  • The power of attitude 
  • How to increase energy levels instantly 
  • How to identify what is holding them back from reaching their potential