Shark Pool

The best ideas have to start somewhere! In Shark Pool, teams compete to design the next red-hot gadget or must-have gizmo to replace or improve a product your company currently produces, a process it employs or to make the world a better place.  Teams are assigned unique and creative parameters, and are challenged to create a marketing plan, budget and sketches of their prototype.

Our emcee gathers the teams together, describes the task at hand and selects team captains. Each team receives a box of supplies used to design their unique invention or contraption in the allotted amount of time.

Developing the idea and creating the prototype are just the beginning!  Teams also design a pitch and present their idea to our panel of savvy Shark Investors, who will decide which ideas sink or swim. At the conclusion of the event, the judges 
recognize the team that delivered the best new idea and pitch.