CSR Infusion

Engage your attendees in a meaningful experience at your multi-day meeting or conference with CSR Infusion! This program enables attendees to actively support the community by participating in a series of themed activities throughout your conference, culminating in a major donation to a local or national cause of your choice.  

Participants are infused with the spirit of giving as charitable challenges and real-time communications are woven into the fabric of your conference. We customize CSR Infusion's theme, schedule and activities to seamlessly align with your meeting goals, which create the biggest impact.

Attendees will be active, have fun and remain engaged as their efforts make a difference! Here is an example of how it may flow:

Kick Off at Welcome Reception or General Session
Our emcee presents a brief overview of the program and introduces the charity representative to share stories and say a few words about how your donation will benefit the recipients. 
  • Interactive Tech Upgrade Option: Teams are formed and upload a Twitter-style smart phone app that will be used to communicate with our HQ and other teams throughout the conference.

Communication and Pop-Up Challenges Throughout Meeting/Conference
Guests (or teams) take part in light physical challenges, answer trivia questions and take photos at approved times during your meeting/conference to earn points or vouchers for donation items. 
  • Tech Upgrade Option Continues: HQ sends real-time communication and info about pop-up challenges to teams. 
Culmination at Closing Reception
Guests (or teams) acquire supplies that they earned during the meeting/conference, assemble care packages and write inspirational notes to the recipients.
  • Interactive Upgrade Option: Add challenge stations to the closing reception to allow guests/teams to earn more items to donate!