Red Hot Chili Challenge

Our rocking chili cook off brings your team to a 'higher ground' as they compete for ingredients and make a concoction worthy of a platinum record that can satisfy the hunger of any rock star. Teams create their own special chili as well as a promotional piece for it - can be an album or magazine cover, song or even a music video. Fun, creativity and taste are the keys to success for this program!

Guests are greeted with rockin' tunes and our red hot emcee gets them into teams. Then we take the volume all the way to eleven! Our special independent label store stocks alternative and new wave ingredients as well as some standards. Teams select their favorites to make their biggest hit. Then the time comes for teams to give it away give it away give it away now, as the judges sample and score their chili. The top team gets into the Red Hot Chili Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and their very own platinum certificate to take home!