iQuest Museum Hunt

Make memories and have fun while visiting some of the top museums in the world! Whether it's enjoying the beauty of the Art Institute, reveling in the history at the Field Museum or being astounded by the experiments at the Museum of Science and Industry, iQuest leads you through the exhibits in a unique way!

Armed with an iPad and our app, teams explore the selected museum in search of information, signs or plaques that unlock information and creative challenges! Teams use the image recognition in the app to find out more detail about the museum, that particular exhibit, or Chicago in general. They are also given tasks to get their creative juices flowing and interacting with each other in fun ways! As each task is successfully completed, they score points and move up the leaderboard. 

As the hunt winds down, teams convene at a designated ending location to swap stories, and have a laugh at other team's excursions shown on a nearby screen or monitor, while our game masters determine the Museum Masters!