iQuiz is a technology-driven trivia challenge like no other! Whether it's after-dinner entertainment, a mid-meeting energizer or a tool to test how well your information is coming across, iQuiz gets teams thinking, strategizing and communicating.

Presented with an iPad, the game begins with a set of categories, each containing a series of questions increasing in difficulty and, of course, point value. The clock is ticking! Teams have a limited amount of time to garner as many points possible. Do they go into each category and go for the highest points, or clear out the categories more systematically? Then our Game Master throws in new challenges! The next thing you know---BUZZ! Time's up!  

It's up to the teams to determine their best path. Along the way, they can communicate with other teams and check their progress on the live Leaderboard. Time permitting, we can introduce a second (or third) round - each with a new set of questions and challenges. At the end of the event, our emcee announces the top iQuiz team. If the game includes any custom questions, we can share the results with you to determine your information dissemination success.