iQuiz - Remote Team Experience

Reconnect your remote team with our game-sharing experience like no other! Participants collaborate virtually using our customizable iQuiz app to encourage team bonding and build a stronger sense of community. Engaging and fun for everyone - remotely!

Teams meet up via live video stream (such as Zoom), scan the game code onto their personal devices and prepare for a little friendly competition. The aim of the game is simple... score as many points as possible before running out of time! Strategy is the key to winning this contest!

iQuiz begins with a colorful game board and a series of 12 landing spaces, each featuring trivia questions, riddles, visual puzzles, team photo and video challenges. Players must collaborate -- all while racing against the ticking clock!

At any space, teams may be asked to capture a video of a team member showing off a hidden talent, to snap a photo of the team converted into a single "Frankenperson", or a range of fun trivia. What is the only US state with a non-rectangular flag? Can you name the country with an similar oddly-shaped flag?

The next thing you know -- BUZZ! Time's up! At the conclusion of the program, the Game Master plays a slideshow of team photos that were submitted during the game, followed by a virtual award presentation for the winning team. Almost more fun than being back at the office together!