InterNetworking: Home Edition

Get back to business with your industry colleagues, remotely, with InterNetworking: Home Edition - a collaborative, interactive team activity designed to facilitate a lively networking experience - all from the comfort of home. Participants get acquainted, get engaged and score points to earn the title of InterNetworking Champions!

Our emcee greets all participants as they "arrive" (via live video conference such as Zoom) and encourages participant engagement. The group is divided into breakout room "teams," each led by one of our spirited event staff. Using screen-share, whiteboard and other tools, each facilitator guides their team through a variety of engaging challenges that foster networking and build community.

While battling across breakout rooms, teams participate in engaging rounds of Pictionary, brainteasers, group trivia, and physical challenges. In this interactive contest of smarts, creativity and quick thinking, teams must collaborate and communicate in order to earn maximum points. Keep an eye out for the emcee who may pop into a breakout room or send messages of encouragement throughout the game!

At the end of the competition, teams reconvene for a final large group activity and are given time for networking followed by a virtual award presentation and the announcement of the InterNetworking Champions!