iQuest CVB

Virtually showcasing your city has never been easier! iQuest CVB offers an innovative way for you to give clients a personal interactive tour around your city and discover all that it has to offer for their group - remotely! Take them to the most important locations; visit the convention center and spotlight its capacity with impressive trivia, go to the group's world-class hotel and take a video of your guests engaging in a virtual reception, head over to a popular landmark and take a photo of the group in awe of its beauty. 

We collaborate with you to highlight all of your city's best features. Our award-winning app allows you full input over the customization process including location selection, feedback on the activities, group images, and fun facts at each hotspot location. The final product is a map of your city with custom GPS hotspots loaded with short interactive activities accessible via your personal electronic devices. Clients are captivated as they see your city and its possibilities come to life in a new way!