iQuest Around the World

Grab your passport and get ready for a virtual globe-trotting trip around the world! iQuest Around the World is a lively game sharing experience that tests team's travel acumen, communications skills and creativity as they visit 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles!

Travelers meet up in Zoom (or another video conferencing platform) and prepare for their adventure. After a brief introduction by our expert tour guide (emcee), travel teams scan a QR code onto their personal devices, and iQuest Around the World takes off! The aim of the game is simple... accumulate as many frequent flier miles as possible before running out of time.

Teams work together to earn miles as they jet from country to country, visiting local landmarks and completing challenges. Upon arrival in each country, players unlock tasks using image recognition technology via our award-winning app. The trip starts in Argentina, then each new location features a series of tasks and challenges to earn enough travel credits to make it to their next destination.

Challenges range from performing the Haka in New Zealand and demonstrating Kung-Fu skills in China, to exploring well-known landmarks on Google Maps to uncover answers. Teams earn travel credits by completing tasks AND for distance traveled - so watch the clock!

How far can your ream make it across the glove from Argentina to New Zealand in 60 minutes? The team with the most travel credits at the end is crowned Top Team Travelers!