iQuest Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Gather your team for a unique virtual scavenger hunt and lots of laughs! Designed for in-person or remote team collaboration, iQuest Scavenger Hunt sparks excitement in a friendly competition.

Participants meet up via live video stream and are greeted by our energetic emcee who explains the game. After scanning the game code on their mobile device, teams are ready for a creative adventure!

The aim of the game is simple... score as many points as possible before time is up! At each hotspot on the gameboard, teams hunt for specific items throughout their house, office or yard. Using their treasures, they complete a series of creative challenges to earn points. Teams may be asked to find a favorite vacation souvenir and describe it in one word, or collect as many cans of beans as possible, or answer a thought-provoking riddle and many other lively get-out-of-your-seat challenges.

iQuest Scavenger Hunt may incorporate custom content, branding, and themes to reinforce company values or conference messages and provide an extra level of uniqueness for your program. At the culmination of the adventure, guests are invited to share stories and view photos and videos from their quest while awaiting the announcement of the winning team. Team with the most points is awarded the coveted prize of Top Team Questers and most importantly, bragging rights !