Windy City History Comes Alive!

Discover Chicago's rich history as teams bond on this exciting and informstive adventure! Teams solve clues and criss-cross the city in search of sites and challenges that unveil Chicago's vibrant history and its many famous (and infamous!) characters. Stuff the ballot box with a crooked politician, explore Chicago's architectural splendor with the renowned Hank Floyd Right and learn who really started the Chicago fire with Mrs. O' Deary. Chicago's downtown is packed with sites and structures to capture the imagination!

Once guests are divided into Chicago-themed teams, our emcee distributes Historical Fact Kits and maps. Teams solve riddles and puzzles which lead them to interesting and historic Chicago landmarks, some manned with famous Chicagoans who conduct challenges. Teams earn points for solving clues and participating in challenges. Each activity and location is chosen in concert with your group's interests, energy level and knowledge. Windy City History Comes Alive┬Ł is a wonderful way for your group to explore Chicago's rich cultural fabric. Guests learn more about themselves, their teammates, and this wonderful City of Broad Shoulders┬Ł that we call home!