The Great Race

The race is on!!! You'll take the city of Chicago by storm as teams set out in search of treasures in the Great Race! Armed with clues and a deep desire to win, teams scour the city to find challenges and earn enough gold coins to come out on top. However, things are not as simple as they may seem! Challenges are often hidden and can only be found if riddle and puzzle clues are solved. Detour and Roadblock challenges are also included, testing teams' ability to stay alert and work together. This is the ultimate competition that requires cognitive thinking, fast decision-making and maximum team communication!

After a brief overview by our emcee, teams receive their team backpack containing rules of the race, riddle and puzzle clues and an area map. It is up to the teams to solve the clues leading them to specific locations in the area where they encounter challenges to complete. Successful completion of a challenge will result in earning gold coins. The goal is collecting the most gold coins during the adventure which are also awarded based on how long it takes a team to complete the hunt. The team that collects the most are crowned The Great Race champions and take home a special prize for their efforts!