Green Team Challenge

Create your own renewable energy with The Green Team Challenge. Go beyond "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" as participants learn tips on how to help the environment while taking part in unique games and challenges.Team challenges like "Sort It" or "Recycle Rush" introduce new methods of what participants can do, both at the office and at home, to improve the earth's environment.

An eco-friendly emcee greets your guests with an event overview and separates participants into teams. Each team creates their environmental name and green cheer to set the tone for the event. Teams then move through a series of challenges like "Carbon Capture" and "Food Miles" that encourage teamwork and better treatment of the natural resources around them. Based on the group's dynamics and program goals, a professional environmentalist or facilitator is included to help spark meaningful discussion and maximize the day's learning opportunities.

The Green Team Challenge may also include a hands-on experience as teams work in a local park or forest preserve to help improve the environment.