Hot Diggity Dog: A Chicago Style Cook-Off

Heat up your next team experience with our Hot Diggity Dog: A Chicago Style Cook-Off! Your guests laugh and have a great time as they mix and match ingredients to create the absolute best Chicago style hot dog prepared with each team's special style!

Teams of guests gather at separate cooking stations with Chicago theme names such as the Mag Milers, The Toddlin' Towners, The Aldermen, etc. The team's goal is to create their own Chicago style hot dogs using an array of ingredients AND concoct their own specialty drink. This experience tests a team's skill in consistency, creativity and presentation. Each team also develops a short and snappy slogan promoting their team spirit and how their Chicago style hot dog/beverage combination will serve a specific target audience. Before serving their succulent delicacies to their peers, teams are summoned to present their own marketing campaign in a 60-second promo.

The team with the best combination of product, beverage, snappy slogan and promo walks away with the "Wiener of the Day" certificate and some super serious bragging rights!