Putt-Putt Engineering

Fore! is heard throughout the event as teams design, build and test their custom-made miniature golf hole. Utilizing an unlikely selection of materials such as foam noodles, hula-hoops and plastic tubing, teammates work closely to bring their golf hole to life. Each hole conveys a message that the team shares with the group before tee-off. Upon completion of the course, teams compete in a shotgun tournament and experience all the excitement of Putt-Putt Engineering!

As guests arrive, they receive a special golf ball to identify their design crew. Our golf pro provides instruction on the day's activities as the design crews gather. Each team is given a set amount of items to begin their design and building of their hole. By successfully completing challenges, they earn vouchers for exchanging additional supplies at our Prop Shop or Building Supply Station. Teams are awarded prizes for their holes based on creativity, difficulty and best use of materials. Prizes are also awarded for the individuals with the low and high scores at the end of the tournament!