Sassy Salsa Showdown!

Spice up your team building efforts with our Sassy Salsa Showdown! Your guests will be mixing, mingling and merry making as they taste and test ingredients for a salsa made with their special flair!

Culinary teams create a team identity and complete a series of "spicy" riddles and puzzles. Each correct answer earns them an ingredient from our sensational sales staff at our "Super Market." If time allows, teams create a short and snappy team slogan to promote their team spirit and sassy salsa. Before serving their succulent salsa to their peers each team is summoned to create a super special sales skit suitable for a 60-second ad spot on their local super-station.

The team with the best combination of a snappy skit and sassy salsa also saunters away with a "Sensationally Spectacular" award and some super serious bragging rights for many seasons to come!

Guacamole and Margaritas may also be included to round out your Fiesta!