Team Fusion: A Real Cool Icebreaker

Teams fuse their creativity and energy to design and build a unique, sparkling masterpiece out of a block of ice and various three-dimensional shapes.

Before the building begins teams observe a cool demonstration by our Master Ice Carver that motivates and inspires all. Following the demonstration teams receive an activity overview with rules of the event and theme props for accent. Equipped with a block of ice and a variety of shaped cubes, teams set out to design and implement their structure and develop a sales pitch promoting their design that frosts their competition.

Shapes are fused together with water and the block of ice can be chiseled into a pedestal or incorporated into the final structure's design. The only limit a team has is their own imagination...and sometimes gravity!

The ice sculptures are judged based on the requirements set forth by our judges and our ice-hot emcee and apprentices. Prizes are awarded in various categories including best representation of the organization, most realistic, best abstract design and the people's choice award!