Corporate Feud

Corporate Feud captures the wisdom of your guests and tests their listening, thinking and communication skills while under pressure. On stage, teams compete to guess the top responses to custom or general knowledge survey questions. Survey responses are revealed on a video projection screen as they are guessed and point totals are tallied. Incorporating industry specific or employee survey questions are great ways to emphasize important issues in this light-hearted setting!

Two teams take the stage as the audience watches in anticipation. Each team chooses a captain to approach the lockout light box. The emcee reads the first question. The team with the top survey response controls the board. If the answer is not the top response, the opposing team captain has an opportunity to guess a higher survey response and gain control of the board. For each incorrect guess, a team receives a strike ("X"). The game continues with team members collaborating on their responses until both teams have three strikes or all the survey responses have been uncovered. The team with the most points after three survey questions are completed is the winner.