Question This!

You'll hum the familiar musical interlude as you state your answer in the form of a question in our version of America's longest running game show. Our emcee leads this high-spirited activity complete with general knowledge and/or industry-related categories, a lockout light system, video projection screen and theme music. The excitement generated from this TV quiz show creates an evening of fun for everyone!

Seated at tables, teams compete against each other in a Jeopardy-style gameshow format. Each team receives a lockout keypad to buzz in when they think they have the correct answer. When our professional emcee tosses out the first clue, the team that locks out the others has the chance to respond first. Each correct response from a team earns money; each incorrect response takes money away.

Once a team answers correctly, they choose the next category and dollar value and the emcee reads the associated clue. Teams again have the opportunity to lock out their opponents.

A second round of Question This! doubles the dollar values of all the categories. Also included in this activity is the "Wager This!" round where teams bid up to the amount they have won on a final clue offered by our emcee. Question This! may also be run as an individual game show for up to three participants using contestant booths.

Sample Question This! Categories:
  • Familiar Phrases
  • Ice Cream 
  • It's A Guy Thing
  • Current Events
  • Company Lore (custom)
  • Competitors and Competition (custom)
  • Meeting Highlights (custom)