Get A Clue

This classic board game comes to life with its familiar characters dressed in 1920's costumes. Bugsy Tunes plays the piano and Mrs. Peacock proudly serenades the assembled guests during cocktails while comedic characters like Colonel Mustard, the sexy Miss Scarlett, housemaid Mrs. White and Professor Plum mingle. At dinner a kidnapping occurs and the audience is enlisted to lend their expertise.

Detective teams are provided with a packet complete with rules and ballots. Characters make their "rounds" to the tables with a pair of dice. When a table rolls doubles, they make an accusation in each category: Suspect, Place and Weapon. The character responds and the table is able to eliminate possibilities. Characters also give clues to the entire group during a question and answer period.

For entertainment, a lucky audience member joins our vocalist for a musical number. At the end of the event, teams submit their ballots and the characters perform what really happened! The team that comes closest to uncovering the truth receives a wonderful prize for their sleuthing efforts!