Remote Team & CSR Experiences

Bring remote teams together with our unique, game-sharing experiences — all without leaving the comfort and safety of home! Choose from a variety of programs which we facilitate via live video stream and our enthusiastic event staff. These remote events are the perfect solution to promote team spirit, boost morale and provide plenty of laughs for teams that work remotely.

Proven Benefits:

  • Foster Relationships
  • Boost Morale and Team Spirit
  • Re-Energize Participants
  • Strengthen Team Engagement and Bonding
  • Stimulate Communication
  • Inspire a Corporate Culture of Philanthropy
Gather your team for a unique virtual scavenger hunt and lots of laughs! designed for in-person or remote team collaboration, iQuest Scavenger Hunt sparks excitement in a friendly competition. 
Grab your passport and get ready for a virtual globe-trotting trip around the world! iQuest Around the World is a lively game sharing experience that tests team's travel acumen, communications skills and creativity as they visit 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles!
Reconnect your team with our game-sharing experience like no other! Participants collaborate virtually or in small groups using our customizable iQuiz app to encourage team bonding and boost morale among colleagues.
Remotely connect with your colleagues, with Team Challenge: Home Edition - a collaborative, interactive game designed to facilitate a lively team experience – all from the comfort of home!
Our virtual escape room. Con-Artist Joe, the notorious art thief (aka Albert C. Litmus), has plundered several priceless works of art and outwitted the great detectives of the world! You and your team must search the villain's study for clues to find him and foil his scheme.  But you must be quick and gather information before being discovered! 
Reconnect your team for a good cause with our unique, charitable game-sharing experience! Participants collaborate virtually or in small groups using our customizable iQuiz app to encourage team bonding and give back to the community.
Infuse energy into your meeting with a fast-paced Meeting Motivator. Designed to rejuvenate attendees and encourage interaction, this quick program will kick-off your meeting or provide that much-needed burst of energy at the halfway point.
Virtually showcasing your city has never been easier! iQuest CVB offers an innovative way for you to give clients a personal interactive tour around your city and discover all that it has to offer for their group!
iQuest University is an innovative welcome experience for students -- remote or in person. Promote engagement, collaboration, and community as students embark on this fun, technology-driven adventure hunt that sparks enthusiasm for their University as they get to know the campus and each other.
If you miss Jordache Jeans, The Cosby Show, big hair, and all things 80's, step into the Time Machine and re-live your favorite decade as you compete in 80's-themed challenges and see who is the biggest 80's geek.
Designed to boost morale while working remotely, this self-guided activity features creative, motivational challenges that prompt participants to answer trivia questions and capture uplifting photos and videos from home or any location.
RIIIIIIIING! The school bell is ringing and it is time to go back to school! Gather your classmates and line up! Today, your class will attend Backpack Prep to interact, learn life skills and collect backpack items to be donated to Blessings for Backpacks, a charity that helps children in need of school supplies.
Get back to business with your industry colleagues with InterNetworking -- an engaging activity designed to facilitate a dynamic networking experience! Our professional host guides participants through a variety of brainteasers, riddles, puzzles, and trivia. Guests may also be divided into smaller groups and sent into breakout rooms for more in-depth discussions and conversation-starters in a small group setting.
In this exciting scavenger hunt with a social twist, guests are teamed up and presented with a series of entertaining challenges that encourage interaction.
Test your luck with a virtual Casino Night! A perfect addition to any corporate conference or meeting, our virtual Casino Night simulates an evening at the casino.
Build excitement for your upcoming conference while raising awareness and supplies for a preferred charitable organization with the Daily Charity Challenge! Each day leading up to the meeting, attendees complete a series of brief daily tasks featuring custom trivia, hilarious photos, and motivating video challenges.
Guests build relationships as they earn supplies that help chemotherapy patients combat their side effects. Working remotely or in small in-person groups, participants use their personal devices to answer trivia questions and complete whimsical challenges to earn points. 
Promote reading and spark imagination for today's youth! Teams complete challenges and create items that make story time fun for kids. Classic books, stuffed animals in colorful outfits, hand-tied fleece blankets or pillows, and bookmarks with motivational messages are donated to a local children's charity and distributed to youths in need.
The best ideas have to start somewhere! In Shark Pool, teams collaborate remotely or in small groups to design the next red-hot gadget or must-have gizmo make the world a better place. Put your creativity and team building to the test as our Shark Investors decide which ideas will sink and which will swim.