Adventure Hunts and Races

Teams discover new and exciting locations by solving clues, performing challenges, interacting with locals, taking action pictures and/or locating unique characters or villains.

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Art & Architecture Orienteering

Look at the Chicago Loop in a whole new way! Utilizing an iPad for photos, city map and GPS hotspots to discover gems from artists such as Miro, "skyscrapers" designed by Daniel Burnham and other masterpieces, teams hunt for true treasures that may go unnoticed in an otherwise busy landscape.

Bugsy's Boondoggle

After securing an iPad with their top secret locations, teams hit the streets on a Chicago style adventure to locate Bugsy Maroon's gang. Along the way, they run into characters ready to test participants' mettle to be sure they are up to snuff! Look out for the Feds though; they'll just slow you down! Bugsy's challenges may include Playing It Straight, Bootlegging, Jumping Through Hoops and many more!

Goodwill Hunters

Impact the community while having fun and exploring the city! Your Goodwill Hunters traverse the urban landscape activating hotspots at specific locations with an iPad and collecting items to donate to a local charity. Some locations may have a special challenge for teams to complete in order to earn an item for their team donation tote!

iQuest Chicago

Discover all that is fun and unique about the City of Broad Shoulders as your team takes on iQuest Chicago! Armed with our app as your tour guide, teams locate GPS hotspots, discover interesting facts about the location, scan images, complete tasks and answer questions to earn points in a friendly competition! 

iQuest For a Cause

Have fun doing good with iQuest For a Cause! Utilizing our iPads with the latest GPS and Image Recognition technology, teams hit the streets and stores of Chicago (or other fun shop-til-you-drop area) in search of adventure and items for a local charity. 

iQuest Museum Hunt

Create some fun and frivolity as you visit some of the top museums in the world! Using an iPad with our pre-loaded app, teams hunt around their selected museum in search of information, signs and plaques. Once found, they'll utilize image recognition technology to unlock a series of fun and creative challenges!

iQuest Team Adventure

iQuest is an engaging activity for small team adventure. Teams get to express their creativity as they participate in this in-person techno hunt!

iQuest University

iQuest is a fun, small team adventure that sparks enthusiasm in students for their University. Engage your students through this techno hunt that promotes community, communication, and creativity! New, returning, and even graduate students can explore their campus to discover new locations and services available all while they get to know their peers. Armed with our app as their tour guide, teams locate GPS hotspots, discover interesting facts about the location, answer trivia questions, and take team photos and videos to earn points in a friendly competition.

iQuest University - Remote or In-Person Adventure

iQuest University is an innovative welcome experience for students -- remote or in person. Promote engagement, collaboration, and community as students embark on this fun, technology-driven adventure hunt that sparks enthusiasm for their University as they get to know the campus and each other.

The Book of Secrets: A Museum Based Adventure Hunt

An adventure hunt full of intrigue and suspense...and you can even learn a few things as well! Originally designed as a hunt at The Field Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science & Industry, this interactive adventure can be adapted to a wide variety of historic venues and museums. Participants are actively engaged throughout as they try to solve an assortment of riddles, puzzles, photo and word ciphers contained in the Book of Secrets!

The Great Race

Overcome Detour and Roadblock challenges to accumulate the most gold coins. The team that accomplishes the tasks and solves the puzzles best can Fast Forward to the winner's mat! Tasks may include Bubble Trouble, Group Sing, Red Tape and Geometric Jumbles.

The Great Teapot Exchange - Trade It Up!

Armed with only a classic teapot, teams take to the street to put their negotiating skills to the test by trading their teapot with locals for items of higher value. Teams continue trading until they have maximized their treasure! At the journey's end, teams create a storyboard with photos of their adventure and items collected. Then teams have the opportunity to donate their winnings to a local charity for use in a silent or live auction.

The Hunt for Sam & Frank

Sam "Pale" Adams and Frank Furter are on the loose (most likely at a local eatery or pub), and it is up to your secret agent teams to hunt them down! Teams track the movements of the infamous duo through hints left in a Top-Secret app on our iPads, visiting some of the hottest spots in the Windy City!

Windy City Experience Team Building

Guests discover fun facts about the Windy City, learn about its history, architecture and culture, travel on the famous elevated train and sample Chicago-style food as they team up for this unique experience around town.

Windy City History Comes Alive!

Discover the rich history of "The City of Broad Shoulders," and encounter some characters from Chicago's colorful past. Did you know Daniel Burnham, arguably Chicago's greatest architect, failed admissions test to both Harvard and Yale? This hunt guides teams through the streets of the Windy City, and back in time!