Creating and Building Events

Build better teams by actively engaging participants in the fun and creativity of designing and assembling projects for display and competition.

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Creative Cocktails

Get ready to mix things up as you challenge your mixology mastery and your taste buds to create the ultimate adult beverage in Creative Cocktails!

Derby Daze

Relive the excitement of your youth as teams assemble and decorate their own, driver supporting, soapbox racer for the big race. Teams complete various challenges to get upgrades for their racer to decorate not only their car, but also their driver's uniform. At the event's conclusion a Derby Daze race-off determines the winning team!

Food Truck Frenzy

Teams design, craft and market a unique food truck concept. Along the way, teams earn ingredients for their dishes by answering trivia questions. The more points they earn, the tastier their food can be! At the end of the competition, teams present their dishes as well as their truck designs to the judges. Let the smartest and most creative team win!

Hot Diggity Dog: A Chicago Style Cook-Off

An all Chicago "red-hot" cooking extravaganza as teams battle it out to create the newest and best Chicago style hot dog and drink combination. Team challenges for ingredients, the creation of a 60-second promo pitch and of course tasting the "spoils" of your team's efforts are all major reasons why this program will be a "wiener" for all!

Putt-Putt Engineering

This is not your father's golf game! Teams receive assorted decorative and household items and are tasked to build and design the ultimate miniature golf hole. When the course is complete, teams present their work of art to our emcee and then play a round of mini-golf in this creative and fun filled team experience. Building materials include foam noodles, hula hoops, silk flowers and much more! FORE!

Red Hot Chili Challenge

Combine your music and cooking skills in this unique chili cook off. Not only do you make your own special chili recipe, but you get to have fun with the promotional campaign behind it as well! Judges will pick their favorite recipe in this friendly competition to see who gets in to the Red Hot Chili Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Robotic Engineering and Amazing Challenge

The perfect activity for any group that likes a challenge! Teams need their collective brainpower to build and race robotic creatures to determine who the techno-engineers really are!

Sassy Salsa Showdown!

Get ready to add some spice to your meeting with our Sassy Salsa Showdown! This team experience not only tests your group's ability to make a sassy salsa, but also their team spirit, sensibility and skill at solving riddle and puzzle clues.

Shark Pool

The best ideas have to start somewhere! In Shark Pool, teams collaborate remotely or in small groups to design the next red-hot gadget or must-have gizmo make the world a better place. Put your creativity and team building to the test as our Shark Investors decide which ideas will sink and which will swim.

Team Fusion: A Real Cool Icebreaker

Teams "fuse" together in this interactive "ice-breaking" team challenge. After watching an ice craftsman at work, teams work to create their one-of-a-kind sculpture incorporating multiple shapes of cubed ice. Endless creative options await your team in this challenge and the end product will show the artisan abilities in all of us!