Game Shows

Test your team's knowledge in a wide variety of fast-paced, high-energy game show settings.

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Corporate Feud

And the survey says... get those buzzers ready as your game show host asks you to name the most popular responses to fun, or custom survey questions. Corporate Feud is produced in a team format to maximize audience participation.

In It To Win It

Guests will be enthralled as members of their group become contestants in this fast-paced game show. Participants have a minute to complete challenges such as Noggin Fishin', Heads Up and Measure the Task. The game begins in 3...2...1...


iQuiz is an exciting trivia challenge for after-dinner entertainment, mid-meeting energizer or a tool to test how well your information is coming across. iQuiz will get teams thinking, strategizing, and communicating. Gameplay is through a tablet/smartphone with many category and task options, but it is timed, so stay on your toes! 

Mix 'n' Match Game

The game show where matching wits IS the objective!

Question This!

In the style of the popular game show Jeopardy, teams use a remote lockout light system to answer "in the form of a question." Custom or general knowledge categories can be incorporated in this spirited game show challenge!

Team Brainium Game Show

And the challenge is... to know more about popular culture and/or company information than your opponents in this fast paced Brainium Game Show challenge. Various brainteasers, visual puzzles and light physical challenges make this a curiously different kind of game show!