Interactive Entertainment

Break the 4th wall and invite guests to become part of the show! Interact with strolling characters to solve mysteries, learn the Charleston or discover local history.

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Get A Clue

With the guidance of such notables as Colonel Dijon and Miss Crimson, guests work in teams at their tables to determine the details (who, what, and where) of a murder that has taken place that evening. Will your teams be able to Get A Clue?

Mix 'n' Match Game

The game show where matching wits IS the objective!

Musical Mystery Escapades

Not your ordinary Murder Mystery! Our high-energy performance includes comedic humor, music, dancing and audience participation as your guests sift through all the fun and musical antics to solve the mystery at hand.

My Kind Of Town: An All Chicago Evening

An interactive networking event where participants get a true feel of Chicago with such characters as the Blues Brothers, Harry Caray, Oprah Winfrey and a very spirited Mrs. O'Leary amongst others meeting, greeting, entertaining and involving your participants in a Chicago experience!

Sal Capone's Speakeasy

Your host, Sal Capone, welcomes you to an evening of dance contests, audience sobriety tests, raids, comedic entertainment and the music of Bugsy Tunes on piano. Relive the lifestyle of Chicago's Speakeasy era in an evening of constant fun and surprises!