Theme Team Challenges

Fun based team competitions set to creative themes.

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80's Time Machine

If you miss Jordache Jeans, The Cosby Show, big hair, and all things 80's, step into the Time Machine and re-live your favorite decade as you compete in 80's-themed challenges and see who is the biggest 80's geek.

Beach Battle

It is fun in the sun as your teams battle to determine who really is "King of the Beach." Contests may include Sand Volleyball, Sand Castle Construction, Swimming Noodle Walk and a lot more!

Corporate Olympiad

Teams battle for the gold in an Olympic style competition but with team contests never before attempted in international play! Challenges may include Broom Soccer, Javelin Walk and "The Olympic Rings." This event includes an Olympic torch and "Parade of Nations."

iEscape: Speakeasy

Utilizing some of today’s top technology, iEscape is a virtual room escape to be solved just about anywhere for any size group!

In It To Win It

Only 60 seconds separate participants from the glory of earning money for their team by completing unique and challenging tests of skill and patience. The number of challenges is based on the size of the group and the length of the event but may include Noggin Fishin', Wiggle It, Rising To The Top and Hot Air.

Operation: iSpy

Your mission, should you accept it, is to complete a series of challenges set forth by your Mission Commander. Special agent teams channel their inner spy to succeed and reign supreme. Using an iPad loaded with state of the art technology, each agent team experiences a journey of espionage complete with a range of cryptic messages, secret codes, and spy-inspired tasks. These top-secret maneuvers are complex and designed to test your team's ability to work together and keep cool under pressure. 

Rock Star Challenge

Let this event take you light-years beyond the air guitar. Team up with colleagues and rock out to some of your favorite songs from years gone by. CBGB's may be closed, but you can re-create your own hot music venue and be your own rock star.

Team Spark

Add a spark to your next meeting or event with our emcee led Team Spark experience! Participants work as part of self directed teams to complete a series of innovative and fun challenges, culminating when they earn their portion of a final puzzle or word scramble to solve as a full group. Team Spark is a great high-impact energizer that can be run in a short period of time.

Trapped in the Tropics

Imagine your team is stranded on a deserted island with seemingly no way out. Strewn about are remnants from past inhabitants, debris from the ocean, pieces of a treasure map and clues that may lead to a way back home. But you must work together to get off the island in under 60 minutes before the typhoon hits!

Windy City Team Challenge

Participants in the Windy City Team Challenge get a true flavor of Chicago as they partake in challenges themed to this great city. Famous Chicago characters act as event staff as teams try to gain "political capital" in challenges relating to Wrigley Field, Michigan Ave., Lake Michigan and other great city landmarks and attractions.