Workshops and Retreats

Test your team's ability to successfully complete unique challenges and apply the learning accomplished from the experience back to their everyday work environment.

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Breaking the Barriers to Success

There are many barriers to success - some imagined, some unknown and some quite real. For many business professionals breaking these barriers is a monumental task that can limit them from reaching their true potential. Our lead facilitator, Mike Patterson, will challenge participants to break these barriers. In his 20+ years of working with business leaders and corporate groups, Mike strongly believes that success is linked to how much of our potential we use. Mike's passion is assisting organizations and individuals to use more of their potential. In this highly interactive workshop participants even learn (and experience!) that they can break a solid wood board karate style, even if they have doubts coming in.

Camp Corporate Event

Escape the fast paced action of the office and enjoy spending time with your coworkers with very little corporate pressure. In addition to teaming exercises - craft stations, orienteering, camp games and a campfire sing-a-long are all scheduled activities for this "back to nature, charge up your batteries" retreat.

Challenge Course

Designed to develop and enhance teamwork, interpersonal relationships, communication skills and physical awareness, our Challenge Course takes individual groups through a series of thought-provoking initiatives to provide an environment for group discussion and reflection.

Improv Workshop: Imagine the Possibilities

Give an everyday item to someone in your group and what do they see? Two hula hoops can become a pair of earrings for a giant, or a portal into another dimension! The Improv Workshop offers a safe, supportive and effective laboratory for encouraging teamwork, interaction, active listening, supportive leadership and healthy communication.

Insights Discovery Workshop and Style Assessment

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a 20-page personal development tool that provides the best possible assistance for individuals in gaining a detailed understanding of their work style, how it impacts their relationships with others in a business environment and how they can improve their effectiveness both personally and professionally.

Team Development Challenge

This professionally led session addresses your team's key issues and explores your group's dynamics through experiential learning initiatives and group discussions. Initiatives included in this program are selected by our lead facilitator based on his or her pre-event discussion with you to learn your group's personality, past learning and specific participant objectives.